Composite Doors

Black Rock Door - Grosvenor Windows - Horwich - Bolton


Choice of Range

Grosvenor supply not just one but four different ranges of composite doors Veka composite doors with 30 traditional designs and 8 colour options. The Veka Composite doors are 44mm thick with U- Values as low as 1.0. They have lots of Bevel glass and coloured units to choose from including a range of triple glazed designs for easy cleaning.


'A' Rated Security

As with all Grosvenor doors security is of up-most importance.

We upgrade all our doors to a very high standard, with an 8 point locking system and the latest  A.B.S. Anti- Snap, Anti- Drill, Anti- Bump, Anti- Pick Police Approved High Security Barrel fitted as standard. To make our doors as strong as possible we also put galvanised steel reinforcing as standard in all our doors.

Black Palladio Door - Grosvenor Windows - Horwich - Bolton
Red Veka Door - Grosvenor Windows - Horwich - Bolton


18 Colour Options

At Grosvenor you can also view our Solidor range of doors with 18 colour options this is a very versatile door that can have any colour inside and out, With a vast range of styles available, a 48mm door slab and U- Values as low as 1.1  This door comes with Galvanised steel reinforcing our 8 point locking and A.B.S. Barrel as standard.

Next is Rock, The Ultimate Range has one of the best Energy Ratings in the composite door market at 50mm thick the door can achieve a U- Value of 0.91. The Rock door comes in a wide range of styles and colours with the Ultimate range one of the highest rated for security.


Unrivalled U Value

At Grosvenor we are always looking for better products and in the Palladio Composite door we have found it for you this door has the best U-Values around at 0.85 on the door and frame, this door is unlike any other around it has a double rebate giving better draft proofing than other single rebate doors , and with its Monocoque construction it is the most secure door in Europe, we could go on all day about this top of our range product which is unique to Grosvenor but why not drop into our showroom and have a look.

Red Rock Door - Grosvenor Windows - Horwich - Bolton
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