uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

Imagine Secure By Design - Grosvenor Windows - Horwich - Bolton


Versatile and Budget Friendly

Here at Grosvenor Windows, we offer a range of uPVC bi-fold doors to modernise your home. Bi-fold doors fold in on themselves, offering a seamless transition from our home’s exterior to your garden. These doors are fantastic all year round, as during the summer you’ll be able to cast them wide open and enjoy your garden for all it has to offer, whereas in the winter you can seal them shut but still enjoy the view. We offer a variety of uPVC bi-fold doors to suit your home. The great thing about uPVC doors is that they are budget-friendly and very versatile, whilst also complementing your home’s interior and exterior.


Installation of your uPVC Bi-Fold Door

At Grosvenor Windows, you’re guaranteed a perfect installation of your new uPVC bi-fold door. Our team of experts have years of experience in removing your old doors and replacing them with your chosen new ones. We can do this easily and stress-free, ensuring the installation process is as swift as possible.

uPVC Bi Fold - Grosvenor Windows - Horwich - Bolton
uPVC Grey BiFold - Grosvenor Windows - Horwich - Bolton


Forward Thinking

Imagine the perfect upvc Bi-Fold to open up your world from Grosvenor. At Grosvenor we pride ourselves on going beyond the simple definition of indoors, and outdoors, thinking our way past walls and windows to imagine a space that is the very best of both.


All Seasons Design

Our range of Imagine Bi- Folding doors is designed to fully open up your room to the garden, creating an entirely new living space that is neither in nor out, but that combines the best attributes of the two.

At Grosvenor our Upvc Bi- Folding doors is designed to offer you the perfect door for all seasons, In summer, cast them wide open and let the fresh air in, but in winter seal them tight and cosy up in the warmth without ever losing your view.

uPVC Apeer Doors - Grosvenor Windows - Horwich - Bolton
uPVC Apeer Doors - Grosvenor Windows - Horwich - Bolton


Triple 'A' Rated Glass

So come rain or shine, the Imagine range affords you a warm and comfortable space with complete weather protection, The Imagine Bi- Fold door achieves a DSER “A” Rating which is the highest energy rating available for doors. This door can be specified with triple glazing and can achieve an impressive U-Value of below 1.0 ( the lower the U- Value the better ) meaning that the Imagine doors are outstandingly good at keeping the heat in and the cold out .

At Grosvenor we have a huge range of colours and woodgrains for you to choose from you might choose to go for a classic Cream or white, or lean toward more modern and contemporary colours like black or green. With 19 colours to choose from you can’t go wrong.


Carefully Engineered

The Grosvenor Imagine door has been meticulously designed to make it one of the most secure around, its carefully engineered features offer smooth operation when opening, shutting and locking. Again, these doors offer the very best of both worlds – good looks combined with the ultimate in security to keep your home safe, sound and stylish.

The Imagine door is available in 16 different configurations. We can go up to 6 metres wide with a sash width of up to 1 metre, meaning more glass and slimmer sightlines.

uPVC White BiFold Doors - Grosvenor Windows - Horwich - Bolton
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